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Multiple Poker Accounts Mean Big Money - Online Poker Advisor

Poker is spreading. As popularity grows so does competition between poker rooms to gain your business. As each site scrambles to control this ever-expanding industry, you can sit back and reap the rewards of a players market.

In no way are we suggesting you go out and open real money accounts with untested sites. We are simply saying that a little friendly competition between proven, recommended poker rooms can result in some pretty nice perks for the savvy player.

There are basically three ways to populate your poker room; service, selection and rewards. In the beginning there were very few places that could even get the first two right, let alone the third. These days it seems that almost every major site has decent service, good selection and a variety of rewards.

Spread Your Bankroll Around

By spreading your bankroll around to several recommended poker rooms you can reap huge new player bonuses as well as expand your ability to take advantage of free roll tourneys and other comps. As long as you stay with sites that have been tested and proven there is no reason you can't take full advantage of the industry wide war for your play.

Look at it purely from a player's perspective. If you play ring games, you have that many more tables to find the game of your choice. If you prefer tournament play, you will now have the advantage of only playing in the most profitable tournaments, without the hassle of having to wait for a site to put on an event of your liking.

You may be worried about the idea of keeping your money spread out between several sites. You may feel your bankroll is not large enough to allow you to fully take advantage. That is precisely where alternate funding methods come into play. There is no law saying you must leave your bankroll in one place. Choose a money transfer company and plan on keeping your main bankroll there. In most cases deposits and withdrawals from companies such as Neteller and PrePaidATM are free or inexpensive compared to the bonuses you stand to claim. This allows you to easily receive multiple bonuses on the same money. It also gives you the freedom to easily move your bankroll from game to game, as you see fit.

So as you can see, it's a no lose proposition for the player. As top companies jockey for your business you should always be on the look out to take advantage of this competition by playing them against each other to ensure you always get in on the best games and highest bonuses. Don't be afraid to try new places as long as they are sound and have a good reputation. It's worth a few minutes of your time to set up an account and claim a hearty bonus.


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play poker at Carbon