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Poker Stars

PokerStars has the best poker tournaments on the Internet. They are also known as having some of the toughest competition, and they run a first class website.

Playing here is not very easy. You can play at the lowest limit and still players are tough. I've never seen such fast action.

The most annoying thing about Poker Stars is that they show your possible hand. Even if you are loosing they show that you have a High Card. It is a wonderful solution for a beginner. Those who play online for the first time should really try Poker Stars software.

Poker Stars has the following games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. They have games with table stakes ranging from $0.02/$0.04 to $100/$200 (!!!) as well as All-In tables, No All-In Tables, and High Speed tables.

Players have the option to upload and use a picture of themselves at the online poker tables.

Their software receives a top rating and provides various useful features such as a multi-table tournament lobby with excellent tournament information and a "Time Bank" that gives you extra time to make decisions when you need to, but which is limited in order to keep players from playing too slow.

Note that for all tournaments and multi-table satellites, all players are assigned random seats to start the tournament in order to prevent collusion.

Another great feature of Poker Stars is that they show game statistics on your screen. You can also request stats for your previous hands or for your entire gaming history on their site.

Obviously, smart players will use this information to keep notes on other players and store them in the "Notes" tab of the chat box - another very useful feature of the PokerStars software.

The best thing is very helpful and good customer service support. It would be a great advantage if they had live support, not just e-mail.

Some time ago Poker Stars was the most popular poker room in this market. But as the time passes, more and more good poker rooms appeared. Poker Stars still has it's own customers and attracts more new ones. Lots of people play here for seats to the WSOP.


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