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Online Poker Glossary - Online Poker Advisor

Take a look at our online poker glossary of poker terms and descriptions to make sure you understand how to play online poker games.

This is your guide to the common terms and abbreviations used in the game of online poker.

We understand that online poker terms for poker play are often quite different, sometimes puzzling, and generally important for you to get the most out of your game.

Please browse by letter for the poker term you are searching for.

A Listings - Online Poker Glossary

A Live Card - A fresh card or a card that has not been seen.

A-C Player - An Advanced Concept player. See Advanced Concept Player.

A-Game - The highest stakes game in the house.

Aces-to-Five - In a low game, ace-to-five means that straights and flushes do not count and the ace can be used as a low card.

Aces Up - Two-pair where one of the pairs is aces.

Aces Wired - Two aces as hole cards. Other common names include Bullets, American Airlines, & Eyes of Texas.

Act - To check, call, fold, open bet, or raise when it is your turn.

Action - (1) An opportunity to act. If a player appears unaware that it is his turn to act, the dealer will declare "your action, Sir." (2) Bets and raises.

Action Spot - The area of the table where bets are being placed.

Active Player - A player who is competing for a pot.

Add-On - The opportunity to buy additional chips. Note: this is only allowed in some tournaments.

Add-Them-Up-Lowball - Draw poker, where the hand with the lowest point total wins.

Advanced Concept Player - A player whose style is based on the Advanced Concepts of Poker.

Advanced Concepts of Poker - These are concepts used by advanced poker players in order to win the maximum amount of money from their opponents.

Advertise - (1) Having a bluff called so as to encourage opponents to give more action. (2) Playing in a loose/wreckless style in order to create a false table image.

Age - First position to the left of the dealer, also called A, able, or edge.

Agent - A confederate or collusion partner in cheating.

Aggressive - A playing style characterized by frequent raising and re-raising.

Ainsworth - Six-two (62).

Ajax - Ace-jack (AJ).

Alien Card - A card which does not belong to the deck in play.

All Blue, All Pink - A flush.

All the way - Cincinnati with a progressive bet.

All-In - A player is considered to be "all-in" when they bet all their remaining chips or money.

Alligator Blood - A tough player who plays well under pressure is said to have "alligator blood".

Alternate Straight - A sequence of every other card, such as two, four, six, eight, ten. This can also be called a Dutch Straight, a Skipper, or a Skip Straight.

American Brag - A game where the raiser shows the first caller his hand and the worst hand folds.

Anaconda - A seven-card game with bets made on five rolled-up cards.

Announce - To declare high, low, or the moon in High-Low poker.

Announced Bet - A verbal bet made by a player before he puts his money in the pot.

Ante - A small, forced bet that everyone at the table is required to pay before each hand (only in games with an "ante"). Most Texas Hold'em games do not have an ante; they use blinds to get initial money into the pot.

Apple, the - The biggest game in the house.

Arkansas Flush - A four flush.

Around the Corner Straight - A sequence running from the highest to the lowest value, such as queen, king, ace, two, three.

As Nas - The Persian card game from which poker was directly derived.

Assigned Bettor - The player who bets first.

Australian Poker - Draw poker with a blind opening.

Automatic Bluff - A Lowball situation that almost always requires a bluff.

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